A normal every day shopping trip to Target for one family turned in to a nightmare and ended with a larger lawsuit.  In May of 2014 Denise Garrison and her young daughter pulled into Target for some shopping.  When they got out of their car the young child picked up a hypodermic needle that she found in the parking lot.

“She just reacted immediately to try to the needle out of the child’s hand,” Hawkins said.  “And she was stuck in the process.”

After the needle punctured her she then went into Target and explained in detail what had happened.  The store management assured Garrison that she should seek medical treatment and Target would cover all the cost for treatment.

target-lawsuitAfter she did just that, and returned to show Target the medical bills, they refused to pay for any of them.  At this point Denise Garrison sought help from her attorney.  After reviewing the case he agreed that Target was negligent.

The lawsuit claims that Target failed to keep the parking lot clean to a reasonable standard for customers.  “They didn’t keep any cleaning records and they leave stuff on the ground for months.”

Denise did undergo two test, one for HIV and one for Hepatitis.  Her husband was forced to take time off of work because the precautionary drugs given to her made her sick. “She is really overwhelmed by all of this,” Hawkins said.

Target has said they never agreed to being liable for her medical bills and denies all conversations with Garrison.

“Cases like this one is the reason I chose personal injury law.  An innocent day of shopping turned into a mother wrestling a dangerous, potentially contaminated hypodermic needle always from her daughter simply because a large company failed to keep cleanliness standards.  Companies need to realize they are accountable to their customers and should always make an attempt to provide a good environment, says Matthew J. Jacobs of, member at a top personal injury law firm in South Florida.

A jury awarded Denise Garrison $4,618,500.  The jury claims the award is based on Targets negligence, which unfortunately caused injury and lost wages.  There is a $300,000 state cap under South Florida Tort Law which Hawkins plans to argue is unconstitutional.

Fortunately, Garrison’s test for HIV and Hepatitis came back negative.  Hawkins fully expects Target to appeal the large amount awarded, so he is prepared to fight for his client, believing that the family is fully deserving of the jury awarded compensation.

If you have been in a situation where you were injured through no fault of your own the first step is finding a good attorney, one you can trust, and letting them review your case.  They will be able to then recommend to you what legal course of action is best for your individual case.  If appropriate then they will file the necessary paperwork for you, and begin getting the well-deserved compensations. Let a personal injury John Bales Attorneys fight for your rights.